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The following is reprinted with permission, compliments of Dr. William Jacobus of Jacobus Photography:

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Subject:          Model Releases

	You may recall that about 8 months ago I started doing light painting 
of a nude female model.  At that time, I consulted my lawyer to pass by here 
what I had drafted as model releases for both adults and minors.  She sent me 
back modifications.  I removed some of the blatent legalease, and now use the 
following forms.  For these to be valid, I need to pay the model.  I do this 
with a check, so I have a confirmed record.  If they cash the check, then they 
have received "good and valuable consideration."  

	These forms give me full rights to the images for any use, except ones 
that cause flagerent harm.  I have the models sign these after the session is 
completed, and I added the sentence about "Professional Manner" so if I shoot a 
model alone, she has little recourse for sexual harrasement (I hope).  The 
reality is that anything can happen with hungry lawyers.  

	In the State of Ohio, 2 witnesses are required for the document to be 
legal.  I usually can recruit other students for this purpose.

	Finally, I use this form for ALL sessions, nude or not.  I want clear 
title to the images, with no future arguments.  I give each model a copy of the 
form, and a set of contact prints.  Other than that, they have no access to the 
images, or how I can use them.  

	I am surprised at the statement that a model release is not needed if 
the pictures are used for "art" purposes.  I think this is incorrect.  We have 
had this discussion before, but I think that a release is required anytime you 
are shooting from a "non-public" place.  If shooting on the sidewalks of a 
city, releases are not required, even if you are shooting people inside a 
building, since YOU are in a public place.  Paris appears to be an exception.  
But, arn't the French always an exception?

	Perhaps this is overkill, but in today's society it pays to cover one's 
butt.  I hope this helps.  Clearly the forms can be shortened or modified as 
one wishes.  

	I grant permission to copy these forms and use as you wish.  I paid my 
lawyer, but you can have them for your use.  On the other hand, if you feel 
compelled to pay, all checks will be accepted.  

	Jacobus Photography
	4550 Eddington Court
	Toledo, Ohio 43615-1605

	Bill Jacobus
	Toledo, Ohio

Model Release for Adults
Model Release for Minors

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