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From: Ian; Urbana, Illinois, USA.
I took this picture with an Olympus is-3000. This is a picture of Jon Reid, who's half White and half Japanese, and his son, Trevor. It's even more funny if you realize that in Japan, people don't smile for photos, usually. If it is an informal photo, instead of smiling, they'll do that peace symbol. Since Jon plans to move back to Japan, it looks like Trevor is already getting into the cultural mode! (Yes, we didn't set up Trevor's hand like that -- we were surprised when the photo came out that it was that way!)
Entry #1
From: Juha; Tampere, Finland
Technical description: Me and our son in home made portraid. I took this picture with Nikon F401S with TMAX 400 B&W film. The film was shot as 3200 (I changed the DX-code from 400 to 3200) and was push-prosessed it. This picture was printed to Kodax PolyContrast paper (semi matte) and was handcoloured afterwards.
Entry #2
From: Philip; Cambridge Massachusetts, USA.
Entry #3
From: Roos; Nijmegen, Netherlands.
Entry #4
From: Roos; Nijmegen, Netherlands.
Depicted is my daughter, Sophie.
Entry #5
From: Tim; Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania, USA.
The photo is of my 8 year old daughter reading a night-time story to her two-week old brother.
Entry #6

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