Selected comments from our voters for Entry #7

Comment: The most creative of the lot, even if done digitally. Only reservation was that the cat doesn't belong to the photographer but I take a broad view of "pets":any pet?!
Comment: Well balanced image using the rule of thirds well.
Comment: I'd like #7 artistic touch unlike the others that are only a simply portrait
Comment: Good photocollage. If you didn't tell us, we would not know. Very natural. Made me smile. Most of the others are common snapshots. Nothing extrodinary.
Comment: From a pure artistic point of view, #7 takes it hands down. It doesn't feature the pet so much as it puts it in a very artistic context. The rest look too much like the typical family snapshot,
Comment: I think this picture is incredibly artistic. The shadowing from the plants, the bright contrasts of colors...the whole things is brilliant!
Comment: was disappointed to find out it was done in photoshop, but is still the best with entry #10 coming in second.
Comment: compositionally and technically head and shoulders above the rest, with the possible exception of #3.
Comment: A tough decision between 3, 5 and 7, with 7 winning. It is a photographers nightmare with a white background but it has been exposed near perfectly. Great composition with the flowers, cat...
Comment: Other pictures were just ordinary pet pictures, this one was something more... not just a potrait of a pet.
Comment: Composition is good. I like the contrast of the colors with the white wall.
Comment: #7 is well-composed, with nice colour. #3 ran a close second
Comment: I liked the simple composition of #7 over the others. Simple yet a sense of balance. It didn't have that staged look. I really like #1 (my second choice) as I find mice very cute.
Comment: Good composition. Strong background.
Comment: The composition in entry #7 is excellent especially the way the eye is drawn towards the cat. Unfortunatly I only have a black&white monitor so I can't judge picture quality too well. Good job!