Selected comments from our voters for Entry #5

Comment: I liked the composition of #5 so thats why I chose it. I take exception to the computer-edited images. I think this should stay a photography contest, not a computer-assisted editing contest.
Comment: I chose #5 because of the way the photographer showed off this cat's personality.
Comment: I liked the Barney In A Jar, but my final decision was one of image quality. I don't know that that was right, and that the quality degradation was from the photo, not the medium... Oh well.
Comment: Although the others were good, this picture (#5) was less posed and more natural and caused the photographer to be prepared with the right exposure etc. when the "right" moment happened.
Comment: This was a most difficult choice. #10 is extremely appealing and just stands out in a crowd. But #5... Oh, the character! This is a pet I'd want to share my life. nt beleive the hamster crawled in the jar