Selected comments from our voters for Entry #10

Comment: Beautiful portrait. Great detail - even in digitized format. Expression of subject is mysterious, and you wonder what she's thinking about. Would like to see all the ears in a portrait.
Comment: Technically correct - colors are beautiful - very difficult to take pet pictures such as this - I admire his technique very much - wish I could do the same!
Comment: Nice composition!
Comment: very nice exposure, nice composition and lighting but the photo is not very interesting except for the eyes. Just my opinion.
Comment: #10. Excellent focusing on the eyes. Nice, tightly cropped composition good job Anthony.
Comment: Wonderful detail and color in this close-up. Number 7 had great composition though.
Comment: for those baby blue eyes
Comment: On a black and white screen, the white kitten and the hamster in the jar were best, but I cant beleive the hamster crawled in the jar itself.
Comment: Continue! It is really nice.
Comment: Excellent use of depth of field. Perfect composition.
Comment: This picture caught my eye because I love Himalayans! It was a great head shot! Beautiful cat.
Comment: I love the way the picture captures Snowball's eyes.
Comment: Looks just like a portrait! Great shot! Thanks a lot snowball!
Comment: Liked #7 for its originality but #10 had most impact
Comment: I love the contrast of the blue eyes and white fur. The picture is enchanting. I also liked the picture of the hamster in a jar - also for its colour.