Selected comments from our voters for Entry #1

Comment: I was torn between #1 n #10. Image quality n composition of #10 is good. But #1 seems more fitting to the theme "pet"... "in a bottle"
Comment: I am really a rabbit person.. but the rabbit picture was just a little too plain jane... the one I selected was just WAY too CUTE
Comment: Please do this contest again! Pets are a great topic:)
Comment: I liked all photos. #1 was interesting and humourous. Also had good lighting and contrast. Others were good, but either had poor contrast/lighting. Image #7. Took a while to find cat.
Comment: It's just that I like Hamsters!
Comment: great hammie!
Comment: All the photos are geat! Very hard to make a choice!
Comment: Too bad the cow-with-a-view was too far off theme 8-)
Comment: Really cute expression and context.